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Organizing For the New Year

Source: google.com via Gems113  on Pininterst. Thinking about the New Year, I am plotting a redesign of my entryway. I have a relatively large space which gets overrun with bags, shoes and jackets.  Then, to add to the mayhem, I have random toys, mail and keys to deal with.  I do have a lovely Pottery Barn… Continue reading Organizing For the New Year

Happy Family

The Best Christmas Present Ever!!!

Boxes!  Yep, you read that right....the oldest joke about gifts is coming true in my household today.  Peanut and Button have way too many gifts to even know where to begin playing with them (as ever), and they are deeply engrossed in building fortresses and myriad other imaginary things with....old cardboard boxes from the garage!… Continue reading The Best Christmas Present Ever!!!

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Christmas Binge!

Having danced in public on stage, enjoyed a few weeks of well-fitting clothes, and generally satisfied that I looked pretty good, I did it again:  I blew it all over Christmas!  Why did I do this?  What was I thinking?  Why don't my tight jeans fit anymore?  Was it worth it? To be honest, it… Continue reading Christmas Binge!

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Observing the Small Things

Observing Small ThingsAs I let that wake of wonder wash over me, I realized this was the real gift I want to give my children because what good are straight teeth and trumpet lessons to a child who cannot see the grandeur of that the world is charged with. Katherine Paterson, Author of Bridge to Terabithia   That… Continue reading Observing the Small Things

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Plants: Our Natural Friends

  Apparently inside our home is less healthy than outside. Yup!  We have insulated ourselves to death...well, almost.  Although people now live longer, I am not sure they live healthier.  I know we don't go around dying of plague anymore...phew!  But many more people are contracting cancers, developing learning disabilities, and asthma has reached new… Continue reading Plants: Our Natural Friends