Eco-Friendly, Organic

A Soap to Try

I know I was going to post about plants helping to freshen our homes but then I found a 'must have' that I want to share with you.  I am always looking for greener alternatives to use personally and around my home.  I use organic as much as I can...despite the price.  I have even… Continue reading A Soap to Try


New Uses

So I am trying to find new uses for things once their original use is over.  This glass Pellegrino bottle has pride of place next to my stovetop (not too close) as I fill it with wine that has lost it's flavor (you know... you open a bottle and then don't get round to finishing… Continue reading New Uses


Back to School BPA-Free

Having just scared the wits out of myself, I decided to look into some good ideas for safe food containers, dishes etc.  I was also prompted by a slight tiff between hubby and I over my choice of a ceramic bowl for my breakfast this morning.  Here is what I found.  I have not tested… Continue reading Back to School BPA-Free

Eco-Friendly, Happy Family

Plants: Our Natural Friends

  Apparently inside our home is less healthy than outside. Yup!  We have insulated ourselves to death...well, almost.  Although people now live longer, I am not sure they live healthier.  I know we don't go around dying of plague anymore...phew!  But many more people are contracting cancers, developing learning disabilities, and asthma has reached new… Continue reading Plants: Our Natural Friends


Poisonous P’s

It is incredible how much plastic we are forced to use each day.  Take a look around the local supermarket and you will see how much food and supplies comes packaged in plastic.  Some of this plastic cannot be recycled.  Some of it can emit harmful yucky stuff and possibly cause terrible issues such as… Continue reading Poisonous P’s